Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Way You Talk polishing

So after some great notes from some friends and coworkers, I've moved on to giving this shot some polish. Been working on prettying up the brows and the eyelids. I might add a few little eye moves here and there, and maybe break up some of the larger eye moves. But I'm feeling pretty decent about this one, I think it's coming along. :) I think a couple of more passes over the weekend, hopefully, and I'll b wrapping up with this one and moving on to something new. I'd like to do a test with a really broad performance.

On another note.. I'd really like to start fixing up my blog.. if anyone has any suggestions on how to mess with the elements of the page and tweak it so it looks like something pretty and not just a blog right out of the package I'd appreciate it!

1 comment:

  1. get at me one of these days and I will show you how to purty up your blog

    glad to see this thing comin along!